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About Me

I believe in user experience as a way of life. When you invest in yourself and the world around you, you live in a more enjoyable and fulfilling way. We are all users of life!
Aside from design and UX, there are additional activities I really like to do in my spare time. Without these activities- I'm not really Sivan.


I'm a Bicycle Addict

I learned to ride a bicycle at a relatively late age than the other kids in my class, around age 14. All my friends had already ridden for fun to all sorts of places and school and I was left behind. Once I learned to ride - you could say I didn't really stop, until today.

I ride every day to my office in Tel Aviv, every Saturday a weekly ride with 3 of my best friends, and participating in professional competitions. I think I have ridden to this day, more than all the children in my early class - all together 😂


I have a YouTube channel where I read stories to children

I have a special fondness for children's books since I was a little kid, I loved the smell of the books and the stunning illustrations and I always wanted to read more as a child. Today, when I have a sweet 3 year old girl of my own, I read her children's books regularly, before bed or just like that in the middle of the day. One day, I decided I wanted to share the experience of the story telling with other children, even children who could not afford to buy books. I went up to YouTube with my own channel, where I read children's books to any child who wants to. And for any adult who wants to.


I Paint and Draw

One of my first memories in life is myself, painting in kindergarten. I always drew and illustrated, comic book characters and cartoons in all the notebooks in school classes, so much so that the principal asked me to illustrate the school newspaper. In Scouts I wrote on jute fabrics and in the military I illustrated the commanders course shirt I attended. Today I like to paint an imaginary still life.

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