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Over the years I have designed and characterized a wide variety of projects and products. I have chosen to present these case studies with the most diverse and extensive process.


Product Designer

Playstudios Gaming Company specified in casual and casino apps. Internally, it has a variety of tools that help manipulate the games and present data and insights in the clearest way.

Due to sensitive information, the presentation of this work will be made upon request.



UX and UI Designer

Clarity is a SaaS solution for employers, for managing their employees in a correct and regular manner, in addition to day-to-day operations.

As the only designer and UX person at the company, the challenge was complex and included all the stages of characterization and design.

cloud clarity


UX and UI Designer

The MVP app is the perfect connection between a football fan and the club. The user receive information from the team, and the club gets relevant information about the users and can better understand them.

The characterization work was agile: user research, information architecture, design language and responsive screens.

Soccer Player MVP


UX Designer

Class is an educational system for teachers and staff members in special education schools. The big challenge, was changing the perception of time management and save time for the staff so they can provide personal and genuine care for the children.

From user research, through sketch solutions and wireframes to the final design.


Discount Key

UI Team Leader

The Discount Key is a unique product for the bank's customers, which gives them dedicated benefits throughout the city.

As the head of the UI team in the project, I was responsible for receiving the brief, conveying it to the designers, and managing the project at the design level.



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